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Part No : 1560

Allworx 06x ACD

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Designed for companies with up to 30 users, the Allworx 6x system is a state-of-the art communications system that integrates three essential business operations into one simple system. It is a feature-rich phone system, a robust data network system and a message center that substantially improves productivity. With the Allworx 6x costing less than $500 per user (for a 20-person business), you can have it all... why compromise? Advantages for Small Business New technology can be daunting. That's why Allworx gives you the largest set of traditional telephone capabilities of any VoIP solution in its class. Now you can simultaneously use both analog and VoIP phone connections as you control the pace of your transition to new technology.
  • More analog ports in the base connection of any manufacturer allow you to control when and how you move to VoIP.
  • Features can be activated by you when you are ready to use them for your business. When you are ready to take advantage of VoIP you can do so seamlessly without disrupting your business operations.
  • Add remote users when you need them without any hassle.
  • Connect multiple offices to make one large organization.
Dimensions: 12.1 (44.5 cm) W X 7.6 (38.1 cm) D X 1.9 (9 cm) H
Placement: table or wall mountable
Weight: 3 lbs
Line Voltage: 120V AC
Frequency: 60Hz
Regulatory compliance: FCC Part 15, Class B, FCC Part 68, UL Listed
Temperature: 32 to 104o F (0 to 40o C)
Relative humidity: 15 to 90 % (non-condensing)
Compact Flash used for standard VM storage / External USB hard disk available for additional storage.
More About Allworx 06x ACD

  • Calls will continue to work like your traditional telephone system, and appear in the same way.
  • Keep some of your analog lines for fax and 911 calls and use VoIP lines to save money on long distance calling (requires VoIP via WAN option).
  • Up to 30 users can use VoIP phones (upto 2 analog devices also supported).
  • Intercom capability across the platform.
  • Use a Single Inbox for all messages. Respond to your voicemail on your computer (requires Message Center option).
  • Set up Conference Calling for up to 8 seats (optional license).
  • Use Group Calendaring to be more efficient (optional license)
  • Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the ultimate in secure transfer (optional license)
  • Set up Call Queuing for a call-center presence (optional license).
  • Allworx Call Assistant allows operators or receptionists to easily manage incoming calls, track key phone lines and individuals or groups. It is an easy, intuitive, fully integrated software tool which works in combination with any Allworx VoIP phone (optional license).
  • Set up a Door Relay for increased security at your office.
  • Leverage the Allworx built in PC network to manage your data communications across your business - from PCs, printers, VoIP phones, servers and backup systems.
  • Compatible with VoIP Phones that follow SIP protocol
  • Compatible with Softphones, including Pingtel Instant Expressa, EyeP Media and xTen.
  • Supports G711 and G729 endpoint connections
  • Compatible with ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Provider)
  • LAN file server: MS Windows compatible via SMB/CIFS (Server Message Block) protocol
  • Email Server: POP3 and SMTP

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